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Can Pure Synergy Superfood Help You Feel Better & Less Weak?

Pure Synergy is one of my favorite items that I take for my ME/CFS /PVFS (super green food powder).

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Pure Synergy is an energy-giving superfood (super green food powder) that is made up of over 60 nutrients. I use the powder form and take some daily in a glass of fruit-juice, but you can also buy it in capsules.

Evidence of how effective Pure Synergy is on me, as a super green food supplement , was confirmed when my Kinesiologist tested it on me. She tested all the supplements I was taking at the time, to see which ones I reacted badly to, and which ones raised my vital force.

This super green food supplement, was the only one that noticeably raised my vital force (apart from the magnetic insoles).

That's some major feat, considering that the test showed that all the other supplements I was taking either did little for me, or actually caused me harm!

As much as I love Pure Synergy, there is one downside - it's quite expensive.

Pure Synergy is the 'Royles Royce' of superfood , and so basically, you pay for what you get - quality. And so it is expensive. You're basically paying for those 60 nutrients in there - all of which are of the best quality.

Personally, the price of Pure Synergy did put me off at first, and had my boyfriend not bought me my first jar of the super green food powder, I don't think I would have ever tried it. Perish the thought - because now its my favourite nutritional supplement alongside echinacea!


A super green food powder that works?

I've reordered Pure Synergy again and again, despite it being so pricey, basically because I really notice a difference when I don't take it. And that says alot...

After experiencing what Pure Synergy does for me, I'd rather get one high quality supplement that I know works for me, than several low-quality, cheap supplements that won't make a difference to me and that will just waste my money.

Despite its price, Pure Synergy is still one super green food supplement I very much recommend, even if you try it just once. As an ME/CFS sufferer, the amazing combination of nutrients in Pure Synergy keeps me going long after I normally would have dwindled and burned out.

It's not a cure - but as I said, Pure Sunergy does work well for me and I certainly feel weaker and more ill when I do not take Pure Synergy each day. So it may well work for you too, who knows?

As with all food supplements, herbal remedies, and medicines, it's always worth checking with your doctor before taking Pure Synergy or any kind of superfood .


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