Reverse Therapy & Mickel Therapy Interview & Reviews

About Mickel Therapy & Reverse Therapy

This section includes a free audio interview and reviews by ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers who have tried Mickel Therapy and/or Reverse Therapy themselves. Please note that some sufferers who have submitted their Mickel or Reverse Therapy review, wish to remain anonymous so as to ensure their privacy.


Just in case you're confused about the names:

This section contains information about Mickel Therapy (headed by Dr David Mickel) and Reverse Therapy (headed by Dr John Eaton). Both therapies, at one time, were referred to as Reverse Therapy (i.e. Mickel Therapy used to be called Mickel Reverse Therapy.) This is why you might find that some people call Mickel Therapy, Reverse Therapy.

Bottom line?

Mickel Therapy and Reverse Therapy are now regarded as very different therapies.

What You'll Find In This Mickel Therapy & Reverse Therapy Section...

Mickel Therapy

  • Audio interview with Dr Mickel
    Dr Mickel, founder of Mickel Therapy, answers your most frequently asked questions. [Mickel Therapy - Sleepydust Audio Interview]

  • Mickel Therapy Review By Louise, ME/CFS Sufferer
    "A few months ago, after a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer made a post at the Sleepydust Forum about their positive experiences (...) Two months and 5 Mickel Therapy appointments later I am a totally different person."

  • Mickel Therapy Review & Explanation By Neil, ME/CFS Sufferer
    "I had a healthy scepticism when my Mum first told me about Mickel Therapy . She told me how a friend of a friend of hers, who had been wheelchair-bound with CFS/ME , had been recently cured by Mickel Therapy. Intrigued, I researched Mickel Therapy on the web & eventually called a therapist ..." More...

Reverse Therapy

  • Eaton Reverse Therapy Review By ME/CFS Sufferer (Anonymous)
    "I took home John Eaton 's Reverse Therapy book to read that evening, & something absolutely LEAPT out at me - FEAR of the symptoms can actually make the symptoms WORSE..." More...


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