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safety melatonin

safety melatonin : When it comes to safety melatonin supplements are not all ‘safe’. Find out which melatonin supplements are safe to take here (safety melatonin )…

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Melatonin supplements fall in one of two general categories:

  • natural, or
  • synthetic

As a general rule of thumb, synthetic is best…

safety melatonin

You see, the melatonin in products that are labelled as ‘natural’, or as containing ‘actual extracts of the pineal gland’, has probably come from animals (possible safety melatonin issues). And if the melatonin has come from animals, then there’s a real risk of the actual animal tissue being contaminated (possible safety melatonin issues).

In his book, ‘Living With M.E.’, Dr Charles Shepherd warns that some melatonin supplement companies have even been using pineal glands from cows’ brains! This means that you may be at risk of getting BSE!!! safety melatonin

possible safety melatonin issues

So it’s safer to go for synthetic melatonin – melatonin that has been made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

And synthetic melatonin works well. And good synthetic melatonin has physiological activity that is biologically identical to the melatonin that our bodies produce naturally.

Where can I buy good quality synthetic melatonin?

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