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sleep apnea symptom

sleep apnea symptom s: what are the sleep apnea symptom s and does nasal pillow cpap for sleep apnea really work? Find out below...

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Although Sleep Apnea is not strictly related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalopathy, it is a cause of chronic fatigue.

“I know of several patients with suspected M.E./CFS for whom this [Sleep Apnea ] turned out to be the main reason for their ill-health.”

-- Dr Charles Shepherd, ‘Living With M.E.’, p79 --

What’s more, Fibromyalgia symptoms seem to dramatically improve when you treat your sleep apnea symptom s!

Many Fibromyalgia patients have even reported that their pain has disappeared completely after their sleep apnea symptom s were cured! sleep apnea symptom

So what exactly is Sleep Apnea? And what are the sleep apnea symptom s?

Well, Sleep Apnea is basically oxygen deprivation due to ‘disordered breathing’.

You see, when you suffer from Sleep Apnea, your airway effectively ‘collapses’ while you sleep. And because no air is flowing into your lungs you eventually wake up briefly to…

…well….breathe! (sleep apnea symptom s)

This gasping breath can sound like a loud snort (sleep apnea symptom s) and can happen hundreds of times a night – but apart from waking up the next morning feeling exhausted, you’re unlikely to remember any of it!

Thankfully there are some effective treatments out there that can help you to deal with your sleep apnea symptom s…

Continuous-Positive-Airway-Pressure (CPAP) for example, alleviates your sleep apnea symptom s prevents your airway from collapsing by giving you a stream of air through your nose.

If you’re obese, you might want to consider losing weight because obesity is a common cause of sleep apnea .

Other common causes of sleep apnea include large tonsils or adenoids. These can create obstructions to the airway in your throat that can cause it to collapse while your asleep (sleep apnea symptom s).

Surgery has helped some people with sleep apnea , but it’s wise to consult with your doctor about other possible treatments before trying this option.

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