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Slow Waves Sleep

Your Alpha And Delta Brain Waves

When you are awake and relaxed, your brain generates "alpha waves".

But when you sleep, your brain generates much slower brain waves called "theta waves", and then even slower brain waves called "delta waves" (slow waves sleep ).

slow waves sleep Basically the slower your brain-wave patterns, the deeper your sleep.

Now, when your brain is generating "delta waves" you are in "slow wave sleep" (slow waves sleep ), which is otherwise known as:

• Deep Sleep
• Non-REM Sleep
• NREM Sleep
• Delta Sleep
• Restorative Sleep

This type of sleep is when you are hardest to wake up, which is why "slow-wave" sleep (slow waves sleep ) is also known as "deep sleep".

So why am I telling you about slow waves sleep? Bear with me... I'm getting there... slow waves sleep


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