Pure Synergy Review - Super Food Recipe

Can Pure Synergy Give YOU Energy?

I have become extremely sceptical of the various 'cure' claims that companies make when trying to sell their herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements.

And when I first came across a supplement called 'Pure Synergy ', it did make me stop and take a second look, but I was still sceptical and I certainly didn't consider trying it.


It was only when my boyfriend, bought me a jar of 'Pure Synergy' that I actually realized what I'd stumbled across - a super food recipe that made a difference...

An Amazing Super Food Recipe ...

This super food recipe (food supplement) gave me an 'oomph' - I could actually FEEL it working - it's hard to describe...

Okay it hasn't cured me and it doesn't make me go run a marathon, but it has certainly helped - and that is a rarity when it comes to supplements and ME/CFS.

Testing Out The Super Food Recipe : Pure Synergy

Two weeks later I took the 'Pure Synergy' jar to my Nutritionist / Kinesiologist, along with all the other supplements I was taking at the time. She tested each supplement on me (using a Kinesiology muscle test) and the 'Pure Synergy' super food recipe powder was the only supplement that apparently raised my 'vital force'.

'Pure Synergy' is actually a super food recipe that comes in the form of a powder (I take it with fruit juice when I get up) or in vegi-capsules. It contains over 60 different nutrients, ranging from algaes, Chinese herbs and green juices, to enzymes and natural antioxidants - a real super food recipe.

As I said, it's by no means a cure for ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - and what works for one sufferer does not necessarily work for another. But I do notice that my energy levels are definitely lower when I forget to take it. So you never know - it might work for you too.

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