ME / Chronic FAtigue Syndrome Diet

Sensitivity & Overload -
Being Careful With The Supplements You Take

One thing that many of ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers don't realize, is how careful we have to be when taking supplements of any kind.

Why don't people tell us this?


Before I knew about kinesiology I really did not realise just how weak our systems are when we have ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or in my case, more specifically, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome).

Before this, I would maybe read an article or book and haphazardly take the supplements that were suggested (vitamins, minerals, herbs), without any thought of what this might be doing to my system...

Overload? Too many supplements taken at one time?

Dosage too much?

Incompatibility? Not right for my body at the moment?

Nope - none of these things occurred to me in the slightest. Does this sound like something you've done, or are doing too?

Sensitivity & Overload ::
Being Careful With The Supplements You Take

What I have learned is that you MUST be careful about the amount, types, and brands of supplements you take….

When you have ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you are likely to become very sensitive to things you put into your body, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals and other supplements. Even the brand of the supplement can have a bearing on how well you react to it.sensitivity  , overload  , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

So the aim is to take a softly-softly approach and to take nutritional supplements in cautious doses, introducing them over a period of time, instead of taking everthing all at once.

If you are experiencing ‘harsh cleansing reactions’ so to speak, or are generally feeling worse, then it could be that the mixture of supplements you are taking is either:

  • not balanced enough for you right now; or

  • you are taking too many all at once; or

  • the dosage (of one, some, or all of the supplements) is too much; or

  • you are simply taking the wrong supplements (or a wrong supplement), at least at this point in your illness.

There’s a fine balance between taking just the right amount of what your body needs right now, and overloading your body with either the wrong type of supplement, wrong dosage, or using a brand that just doesn't suit you.

Although there are are a number of supplements that generally work for sufferers, everyone is different. And your needs will also differ at different times, depending on where your illness and body is at.


Get Some Professional Advice About Your Supplement Intake & Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet...

If you are experiencing adverse effects, it might be worth seeking the advice of a qualified nutritionist.

Better still, if you can find a nutrionist who is also a trained kinesiologist, they can test the supplements on you to see which nutritional supplements make you stronger at that point in time, and which ones have no effect (or even have a bad effect) on you. They would then also be able to determine the right dosages for you to take.

For me, this has been a beneficial learning experience and I now understand how important the process of testing is, to making sure I’m taking exactly what I need.



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