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treatments narcolepsy

treatments narcolepsy : If you’re looking for narcolepsy articles then this page is for you. About narcolepsy and treatments narcolepsy sufferers can be cured with, and more…











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Sometimes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia sufferers can suffer from a rare inherited sleep disorder called ‘Narcolepsy’.

When you have this disorder, you experience periodic ‘sleep attacks’ where you suddenly fall asleep without warning.

These sleep attacks seem to be triggered by strong emotional reactions such as laughing, crying, or having sex, and can happen throughout the day.

Each sleep attack can last from 30 seconds to over 30 minutes!

Narcoleptics experience these daytime sleep attacks even when they’ve had a normal amount of sleep the previous night.

What’s interesting is that there seems to be a link between Narcolepsy and ‘orexin’.

Orexin plays a vital role in waking you up and is found in the area of your brain called the ‘ hypothalamus ’, which controls your sleep.

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Understandably, these sudden sleep attacks can be both embarrassing and dangerous. A narcoleptic sleep attack comes without warning and can cause you to fall to the ground, unable to move!

When you have a narcoleptic sleep attack, you might experience:

• temporary paralysis

• nightmarish hallucinations

• and even cataplexy , which is when you lose control of your muscles during emotional situations.

Thankfully, there are a number of treatments narcolepsy sufferers can have that can help to control their Narcolepsy (treatments narcolepsy ).

These include (treatments narcolepsy ):

  • antidepressants (treatments narcolepsy )
  • stimulants (treatments narcolepsy )
  • and other drugs that can help to ease your symptoms (treatments narcolepsy ).

Taking daytime naps may also help to reduce your sleepiness (treatments narcolepsy ).

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