Vespro GHS Review

Vespro GHS - Is It Any Good For ME/CFS Sufferers?

Recently, Michaela, a Sleepydust reader (from the UK) posted a fantastic message on the Sleepydust Forum, telling us about the improvements she's experienced since she's been taking a Human Growth Hormone Releaser supplement called Vespro GHS.


Here's Michaela's review:

"Just to let people know. I have been taking vespro ghs (a human growth hormone releaser) since before Easter.

"Quite an improvement, I even managed to do a bit of gardening for the first time since last summer.

"The vespro ghs does take a while to arrive (about 5 weeks to get to the UK - apparently the US has a problem with customs) so be aware of that. It costs $51, which (at the time of writing this) works out to be just under 30 GBP. This is for a months supply.

"Not feeling anywhere near as tired or needing sleep in the afternoon - that was until I caught another viral infection last week and that's knocked me back. But I'm hoping it's just a minor set back. I was feeling almost normal again!!

There is hope!" -- Michaela, United Kingdom --


Thanks Michaela for that review!

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